Mortgage Services

The MemberClose platform includes all the lending products to serve your members for life.

Customizable services for your mortgage lending needs.

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Mortgage Origination

Using the MemberClose Tier II Mortgage Program lets us act as your in-house loan officer.

In addition, following the Tier II steps required by Section 8 of RESPA, you can earn non-interest income for each loan. We will take the loan from application to closing and funding. Making you no longer responsible for HMDA or disclosure regulations.

Using the Second Mortgage Processing lets us act as your in-house disclosure desk, processor, and closing department.

The credit union is responsible for the following:

We are all about service.

We understand that relationships are at the core of everything we do. This is why we offer a customizable servicing experience to meet your needs, while providing personalized, flexible service to your members.

Let's streamline your real estate lending together.