Fulfillment Services

The MemberClose Platform gives you access to best-in-class companies offering appraisals, credit reporting, flood insurance, document preparation, and closing services. With all these services in one convenient, easy-to-manage location, we’re committed to providing you with an efficient, stress-free real estate experience.

Customizable services for your fulfillment needs.

MemberClose dashboard on screen with house and magnifying glass with dollar sign icon to the right of it

Appraisals and Valuation

Get a variety of appraisal types on properties anywhere in the country through the MemberClose dashboard.
Offer your members maximum coverage with access to a variety of AVM providers.
Obtain significant data on properties at a competitive price point with quick processing time using “drive-by” like valuation tool.
Obtain a report including all of the data within the Legal & Vesting report, along with a summary of liens related to the current property owner.
Obtain a PCR in conjunction with an AVM to validate that the property is in at least “average physical condition”.
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Insurance and Credit

Get easy access to all three major credit bureaus.
Find Life of Loan certificates and re-issues available in a single platform.

Instantly secure a lien position in a property after following a few simple steps using MemberClose EquiPro Lien Protection.

Make more home equity loans without taking on more risk with the Member Close Loan Guarantee Program.
Gain access to the full Title Insurance and Settlement Services nationwide in one cloud-based platform.
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Legal and Closing

Acquire reports summarizing the Owners of Record, Tax Status, and Legal Description relating to the subject property.
Easy access to both Early Disclosure and Full Document sets for all loan programs.
Acquire reports summarizing the Owners of Record, Tax Status, and Legal Description relating to subject property.
This service is available on an ad hoc basis. Users may select a part, or all, of the institution’s portfolio for review. The final report shows: the change of circumstance regarding the borrower(s) credit, property value, and/or outstanding property liens.
The Recording Service can be used in conjunction with the closing service or independently of it. Where available, e-Recording is also provided.

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