Unlock Lending Potential

Build a foundation of knowledge to break into the mortgage lending space for credit unions. 

Mortgage Academy Powered by MemberClose


Built by credit union professionals, for credit union professionals.

Credit unions are unique, and MemberClose knows the potential credit union professionals have in the mortgage lending space. 

The Mortgage Academy includes progressive on-demand virtual training modules that give credit union staff the skills and knowledge to excel in the industry, and provide exceptional service. 

Access the learning platform anytime, anywhere. The self-paced learning approach allows students to progress through the material at their own speed, ensuring they can manage work commitments while advancing knowledge.


Limited time only! Good through December 31, 2023
$ 299 as low as
  • Individual Learner ..................................... $399
  • Team Registration, 3-5 learners .......... $349
  • Group Registration, 5+ learners .......... $299
$100 off

Empowering through education

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Unique challenges
& Requirements

Tailored educational modules addressing specific industry needs.

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Collaborative Approach

We identify pain points, challenges, and opportunities credit unions face, and develop targeted educational materials addressing these needs.

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Virtual Training

Access the flexible online courses anytime, anywhere.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Carefully crafted courses covering essential topics such as underwriting, loan programs, property types, appraisals, and the overall mortgage process.

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Complex Concepts
Made Simple

Enhanced user-friendly learning experience supported by dedicated channels including discussion forums, instructor assistance, and other guidance when needed.

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learning programs

Students progress through the academy at their own speed, with the goal of managing work commitments, while growing mortgage lending knowledge.

Course Summaries

Mortgage Loan & Process

Build a foundation of knowledge with an understanding of terminology, non-qualified vs. qualified mortgages, secondary market, ARMs, equity lending, portfolio loans, participations, and application review.

Mortgage Borrowers

Focus on the credit aspects of the mortgage process, including credit reports, credit review the 5 C's of credit, pre-qualification vs. pre-approval, debt ratios, and income.

Mortgage Property

Explore property types, flood zones, appraisals, and automated valuation models to understand how crucial they are for making informed lending decisions and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Real Estate Purchase Process

Review purchase transactions including contracts, listing terms, pre-foreclosure/short sale properties, home inspections, title review, trusts, taxes, exemptions, and the closing process.

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Refinance Transactions

Learn to navigate mortgage refinance transactions with on topics, such as eligible and ineligible refinance types, cash-out refinances, and streamline refinance options.

Think Like an Underwriter

Cover the fundamentals of mortgage underwriting, including the key elements to better understand underwriting decisions in the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Regulations

Understand the laws and regulations that govern the mortgage industry that are crucial for maintaining compliance and conducting business ethically.

Mortgage Servicing

An all inclusive introduction to mortgage servicing covering the main functions and responsibilities of mortgage servicers, relationships, and more key details.

Individual Learner Pricing

Limited time only! Good through December 31, 2023
$ 399 before January 1, 2024
  • Holiday Individual Learner Discount Rate ................. $399
  • Individual Learner Rate After Jan. 1, 2024 ................. $699

Group or team Pricing

Limited time only! Good through December 31, 2023
$ 299 as low as
  • Team Registration, 3-5 learners .......... $349
  • Group Registration, 5+ learners .......... $299
$100 off