Serving over 300 participating Credit Unions

The MemberClose platform aggregates nationally recognized vendors
and service providers into one easy-to-use solution.


Enter data one time eliminating errors and saving time.


Real-time auto response and order tracking, increased speed and turn-around time for each loan file.

Single Point of Contact

Billing, ordering and payment are consolidated.

MemberClose – Powerful and cost effective settlement services tool

About Our Company

Welcome to MemberClose, a powerful and cost effective settlement services tool developed specifically for credit unions. We are the largest provider of this web-based service to credit unions.

With MemberClose your computer becomes a centralized order and delivery point where you can access nationally recognized vendors and service providers. With one username and password, financial institutions can securely order Credit Reports, Flood Determinations, AVMs, Appraisals, Title Reports, Title Insurance, Loan Docs, Closing Services, e-Recording Services, full-service mortgage origination, mortgage wholesale, 2nd mortgage processing, participation loans, mortgage sub-servicing, mortgage educational classes, student loan lending, and credit repair.

Clearly, A Better Choice

  •  Better Pricing: by aggregating our customers we are able to leverage our volume in order to negotiate lower rates with our vendors and partners.
  •  Efficiency: eliminates duplicate data-entry and streamlines the settlement process.
  •  Speed: real-time auto response and order tracking allows for increased speed and turn-around time for each loan file.
  •  Single Point of Contact: one contract, one invoice, one point of contact.
  • Mortgage made easy: let our mortgage team originate for you.
  • Mortgage wholesale: take control of your borrower and maximize your fee income.
  • ITIN lending: mortgage loans to the ITIN borrowers.
  • Participation loans: buy or sell mortgage loans through our loan participation exchange program.
  • Home equity help: use our 2nd mortgage processing team to help more borrowers.
  • Sub-servicing: hire our teams to service your mortgage loans and portfolios.
  • Higher education: provide private student loans.
  • Credit restoration: help your borrowers improve their credit scores.

Through this partnership, MemberClose offers a complete ITIN lending package
for consumer and 1st mortgage origination providing the following services to credit unions:

• Single source for valuation, flood, title, docs and e-closing
• Best in class customer service
• ITIN wholesale lending
• ITIN outsourced 1st mortgage origination
• Bi-lingual mortgage teams
• Spanish application and application aids
• Spanish marketing kits for branches
• Spanish speaking sub-servicing team & in-branch cash payment option
• ITIN second mortgage processing